I'm Edith c:

this is the closest representation of what's going on in my head.

instagram: __Edithh

twitter: _edithh

Anonymous said: i've spent the past year and a bit trying to get over my first love and wow reading through the stuff you've written on your blog it's insane how similarly i feel. how did you finally move on? i wish i could feel the same xx

I still remember what that pain feels like perfectly and ugh I’m so sorry you are going through this. Luckily, i had someone there to help pick me up and help me forget and move on. But what really really helped was when i got closure. At first we ended in bad terms but after months of not speaking, we met up and just talked about EVERYTHING. I went from feeling so much resent towards him, to finally feeling free. You’ll move on, love. I know it’s hard but you’ll get there. xx

Anonymous said: may I call you?

no I’m sorry. I dont give my number out like that. 

  -  15 August

Anonymous said: how was your 1st relationship?

Great! We made each other very happy and shared great memories. 

  -  14 August

Anonymous said: theres someone on kik messaging people with a picture of yours and your first name that tells people to go to some chat room. jsyk

if you could tell me their username thingy, that’d be super great. 

But just an FYI for everyone, I do not have a kik. 

i only have an IG, twitter, and obviously tumblr. Everything else is fake and if you see anything id appreciate it if you told me. :) 

Anonymous said: 45 & 46

45.How many relationships have you had?


46.How can I win your heart?

Make me laugh, open up to me, be my best friend and I’m yours. 

  -  14 August

Anonymous said: Are you a goddess? LOL. - Female. You're so pretty. I really wish I had boobs like yours. K...LOL.

No lol thank you love. Im sure yours are just as pretty. lol 

  -  14 August
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