I'm Edith c:

this is the closest representation of what's going on in my head.

instagram: __Edithh

twitter: _edithh

Anonymous said: More like I'm the only one mention about neymar to you. All the post about neymar is me lol dam you! How dare you giving credits to other people!

oh my bad boo. All cent goes to you then

  -  26 July

Anonymous said: Hey :) you look tall, what's your height? Just curios lol

5’6 and a half :)

  -  26 July

i love how you guys always mention neymar cause you know i love him like aw you guys really know me :’)

Anonymous said: Hahaha would you do it for neymar then ?;)

ill do it for no man lmao

  -  25 July

Anonymous said: What you gotta do to be in trey Songz video? Suck 3 dicks at once, let all three of them tear your pussy and then let them cum in your pussy then in your mouth and then you swallow it all.

im not trynna have no babies so nah

My love Trey isn’t worth all that hahah 

Anonymous said: Neymar or Trey Songz? ;)


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