I'm Edith c:

this is the closest representation of what's going on in my head.

instagram: __Edithh

twitter: _edithh

Anonymous said: Why? Are your feet ugly? lmao

no but what the fuck do i look like trying to take pictures of my feet to please people on a website? thats not why I’m here. I suggest you ask someone else. 

  -  21 July

Anonymous said: You should post a picture of your feet 😍

no i shouldn’t lol  

  -  21 July

Anonymous said: i feel you. but would you get to know him so that you saw he was unlike any other guy and he'd make you real happy?

Honestly getting to know someone to see if i have a connection with them is soooo unlike me. I prefer things to come natural. Thats why i HATE when a guy comes at me strongly. Like chill.

But hey if you’re nice and wanna be my friend, you can. and if that develops into something more then okay. 

  -  21 July

Anonymous said: what if a guy was into you like youre into neymar? would you give him a chance?

There’d have to be some level of connection. Im not just going to give anyone a chance and waste my time, you know? 

  -  21 July

Anonymous said: Feet.

no lol

  -  21 July

yall dont understand how in love i am with Neymar

Anonymous said: What's that asian guy to you? The tall one

I’m assuming you’re talking about Sunny? He’s just a really close friend. Seriously like the brother i never had.

  -  20 July
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