I'm Edith c:

this is the closest representation of what's going on in my head.

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Im young. I’m only 19. But honestly I’m more than sure this is real love that i feel for someone. I mean I’ve been in love before…but in different ways. I loved both of them in different ways. I’m not even going to try to compare them because there is no need to. 

But God its so amazing. Im so young. And i keep telling myself that.

"stop, you’re young" 

"Dont worry about people, you’re young"

"You’re gunna meet more people still"

But honestly if i can just take this one person from who i went to middle school and high school with, with me in my future and experience life and everything it has to offer, struggles and all, it for sure has to be with Michael. 
Im honestly so convinced no one will ever know me the way he does or know how to handle me the way he does..just everything. 

People have came and gone throughout my life, him included. But we always come back to each other. He’s become my best friend and what more can i ask for than that?! 

The only way i can describe this feeling is if i compare it to fire. I feel a fire within so strong yet so soothing. It’s amazing and God what did i do to ever deserve you in my life?

ugh and i just love how he’s not so submissive. He’s so dominant and he takes control, yet he has such a sweet and humble soul he’s so ugh like how does someone like that even exist 

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